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August 2012:

The Art Bus has had its busiest Summer so far! We kicked off in June by taking part in the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, with the Art Bus open to all in Battersea park on the day of the river pageant. Next we supported two exhibitions to celebrate Peter Blake's 80th birthday at the Mall Galleries and also the Royal Albert Hall. Next stop was the wonderful Bedales school in Hampshire in July, where we were welcomed by the staff of the Art Department and all the pupils. Last weekend saw the Art Bus host ART BARTER at the Strummer of Love Festival in Somerset. ART BARTER hung the Bus with an exhibition of music-related artwork by different artists (some very well known and some lesser known), the public viewed the show without knowing which artist had made which artwork and could then submit a barter for their favourite pieces, on the proviso that they offered anything except money. We thought this was a great concept! And had some great offers including the composition of a piece of music, dinner at a very smart restaurant, 2 days building works and many more. Strummer of Love was put on in memory of the 10th anniversary of Joe Strummer's (of the Clash) death, to raise funds for the musci charity started in his honour: Strummerville. A brilliant time was had by all!

2012 UPDATE:

Ladies and Gents, as we are all very aware 2012 is a pretty special year here in the British Isles! However, you may not be aware that 2012 is also the year that Sir Peter Blake (creator of the Art Bus) turns 80! So- not only will the Art Bus be taking part in the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations this June (details of this coming soon), but she will also be involved in lots of events surrounding Sir Peter's birthday celebrations; including a return to the Vintage Festival this Summer!

The Art Bus returned home to Liverpool (where she started life as a public bus 20 years ago) last week to support an exhibition of photographs by Mike McCartney at the fabulous newly-opened Museum of Liverpool. Many thanks to the museum for having us and to everyone who came to visit us- we had a great day!

20th August 2010

The Art Bus is returned to CCA HQ after an amazing weekend at Vintage Goodwood, an amazing festival celebrating 5 decades of British cool: all that's best in British art, music, design, fashion and film. The Art Bus was taken over for the weekend by The Rock and Roll Public Library, who transformed the interior of the bus into an Aladdin;s cave of pop culture memorabilia from the personal archive of ex-Clash frontman Mick Jones. We also had secret gigs from the bus' balcony from brilliant young musicians who work with Strummerville (a foundation that helps up and coming musicians, please visit . So the Art Bus hosted a vibrant combination of art, design and music, with both Mick Jones and Peter Blake making appearances on the bus over the weekend and hundreds of visitors coming on board to find out what it was all about. See some pics on our Fracebook page.

10th May 2010

 We had a great time visiting the Darryl Nantais Gallery in Linton, Cambridge last week. As well as celebrating their new exhibition of Modern British Masters, we took part in the Linton Children's Book Festival; lending inspiration for both a poetry and an art competitions amongst local schools that we visited. All poems were inspired by Sir Peter Blake's Birds, see one of the entries below:


The One in Red

Yes, that's me the one in red

Birds flying around my head.

People like statues surround me

Astonished at what they can see.

Busy, pretty, dark as night

Shades of grey, blue dark and light

Some are puffy some are scrawny

There are owls, snow white and tawny

Some with long necks some with short

One looks freaky, deep in thought

Yes, I'm still there the one in red

Dreaming of my feathery bed.

By Mollie Gibbs- Age 12

12th March 2010

We took a whirlwind tour of oxford last friday making stops at Oxford Castle and the Ashmolean Museum (amazing) before heading over to Inspires Gallery for their private view with Sir Peter Blake. I was expecting a deluge of art-enthusiast students to immediately colonise the bus, but I think word of our presence may not have hit the college bars as the students were woefully thin on the ground (surely they couldn't all have actually gone to their lectures? Or maybe they didn't realise that we have a bar on board...). Anyway, afternoon vistiors to the Ashmolean certainly got a nice surprise when they found the Art Bus parked outside (valiantly fending off over-zealous traffic wardens), it was a fabulous clash of the ancient and modern and a fun twist on the hushed reverence of the museum's interior. We then headed over to Jericho for Inspires' party (Little Clarendon Street is a lot more narrow than you think, especially when you are trying to jam a double-decker bus down it). I was introduced to some local pillars of the community James and Max who showed me the fantastic mural of the people, businesses and landmarks of Jericho that they had made on an empty building on the corner. That little corner of the world has a very special atmosphere, and a good time was- as always- had by all.

3rd March 2010

The Art Bus officially loves the West Country! We took our first mini tour to the artistic land of the west last weekend, stopping in Bath and Bristol. Bath was buzzing with its literature festival as we pulled up on Milsom street on friday afternoon. A couple of guys hopped aboard who had been on the Art Bus at Art London- it's always nice to know that we're building up some fans! Sir Peter Blake and his wife joined us for a rocking private view in the evening, and a thoroughly good time was has by all. We felt very honoured to spend the day in front of the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol on Saturday. The RWA is a truly stunning gallery and one of only 5 Royal Academies in the UK. We were there to support Innocent Fine Art, a beautiful gallery in Clifton Village, who are also staging an exhibition of Peter's work this month. Check out

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Email form Jonny

Saw the bus at school today - I think is is awesome!!

From Andew:


 I have just visited the exhibition in Bristol and wanted to say how brilliant it was to see Sir Peter's works. 
Unfortunately, I missed the Art bus when it was outside the RWA.

Do you have any postcards or other promotional items relating to the bus? Have you thought of working with Corgi to produce a model bus? I'm sure that this would be very popular.

Busconductress- does anyone else think little models of the Art Bus would be a good merchandise idea? Let me know!

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