Learning through Art

The Art BusThe eye-catching design of the bus has proven to make it fascinating to children (including the grown-up ones!) of all ages. Sir Peter's exuberant design includes motifs that are infinitely familiar. The use of these childhood characters in the design of the bus not only grabs the attention of the young, but hopefully also opens their eyes to the fact that ‘Art' does not have to be exclusive or dryly academic, but can be all-embracing, fun and practical. 

The Art Bus provides access to the visual arts to those pupils who may not normally have that opportunity. The bus primarily targets schools that specialise in learning difficulties as well as those in underprivileged inner city areas. 

The Art Bus is used as an educational facility to give children an introduction to the visual arts and more specifically printmaking. The bus drives to school and the children climb aboard to experience the art of some of the UK's finest contemporary artists first hand by seeing their work in the bus' gallery space. They will also have an opportunity of a question and answer session with one of these artists live from their studio via the bus' satellite links. The children will learn about printmaking and have the chance to design their own model Art Bus. 

Please note that all our educational visits are free, however in order to keep the costs we incur to a minimum we try to incorporate school/college visits into trips to galleries/art fairs/festivals that we are planning. So unless the Art Bus is scheduled to be in your area it may not be possible to arrange a visit. If requesting a visit from the CCA Art Bus to your school, please bear in mind (when considering access) that the bus is 4.5 m tall, 9 m long and 3m wide. We must also have a suitable and secure place to park, as well as access to mains electricity. 

For more information about education on the CCA Art Bus or organising a school visit please contact Clare Clinton